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There's always been an attraction between secretaries and their bosses. Maybe it's something to do with the difference in power or how the secretary adopts a servile role. Perhaps it's more to do with the secretary's outward air of competence and ability to organise, contrasted against their perceived inward seething sexuality. Who knows the precise reason? But there's no doubt that many men have fantasies about being embroiled in a sexual encounter with a secretary. We all know that iconic image of a secretary dressed conservatively in a tight pencil skirt and buttoned-up silk blouse, wearing high heels and stockings. We can imagine the scene now. Her hair in a tight bun pulled back from her head. A pair of spectacles perched on her nose, expressing an air of sophistication mixed with intelligence. The slightly arrogant way in which she carries the pile of documents into her boss's office before bending over to place them on his desk. The way her tight skirt pulls across her buttocks highlights the shape of the suspenders underneath the fabric.



We can see the way her boss looks up, eyeing her breasts straining against the silky fabric. One look from him, perhaps a word or two, and the sophisticated secretary reaches up to let down her hair, removes her horn-rimmed spectacles, and unbuttons the first three buttons of her shirt to reveal the lacy bra beneath. The image of our saucy secretary is born. Would you like to experience a meeting with your saucy secretary today? Book a meeting with one of our raunchy International escorts in London. 



Did you have a favourite female teacher at school? Was it down to the way she taught the lesson, or was she the first female to stir the raging hormones of your youth? Perhaps you fantasised about her giving you extra lessons. Maybe those lessons went beyond the realms of maths or English and started to stray into the territory of biology and reproduction. 



Whatever your favourite teacher fantasy, our naughty fetish and fantasy escorts can replay it for you in full technicolour, safe in the knowledge that your advances will not be rebuffed and that your teacher will do precisely as you want, even if she remains firmly in control.


Perhaps there's something about her punishing you if you get things wrong or speak out of turn, or perhaps your fantasy is about an older woman teaching a young boy the ways of the world. Whatever your teacher's fantasy, why not discuss it with one of our gorgeous model escorts? They'll happily oblige you and bring your fantasy to life. Just imagine it now: those deep-seated desires finally coming to fruition and all under your control. This is your fantasy. It plays out the way you want it to. It'll score 10 out of 10 in the satisfaction stakes, and you'll undoubtedly want to spend as much time in detention as possible with one of our escorts.

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