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If you book an independent escort, it’s your choice, but what do you think about an escort taking calls during your meeting, especially when it's not even executed discreetly? We at Agency Pink would expect the escort to put her phone on silent mode during her meetings with you. Our clients wouldn't take a call during personal time together, so why should she? In the rare event that clients are expecting a call and it would have to be a critical call to interrupt their time with her, our clients inform her of this beforehand. We, as an agency, find it incredibly rude to break off proceedings to answer the phone. This rarely happens, but if you book an independent escort and not from an agency, this sort of thing will occur.

Of course, in reality, no matter how attached we are to our regular escorts, most clients know that they are not their only clients - unless they’ve opted to become their sugar daddy! And so most are pretty accepting of independent escorts' need to answer calls, as long as they're done appropriately and subtly – but this is not always true.

Of course, sometimes, even when a model escort works for an agency, inevitably, things can go wrong. Bookings can get mixed up or double booked.  We have heard stories of clients having their meetings interrupted when the next client has turned before their session has ended. We even heard of one guy who arrived at her apartment only to find another guy expecting to see her simultaneously. They didn't opt for a threesome, but one of the guys was left highly disappointed. If this ever happens to you, the best thing is to be gracious and offer your escort a solution by going early or rearranging. She'll be grateful that you've got her out of her predicament and will probably make it up to you next time.

Please remember that a reputable agency like Agency Pink is always professional and always considers the client first and foremost.  We want you to experience an unforgettable time with our agency escorts, but not for the wrong reasons, for all the right reasons, and booking from an established agency like us will ensure that your time is not interrupted.

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