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Put on a show

Expressing yourself through dance or theatre must be as old as time. I can't think of a better way to show someone how you feel about them other than putting on a pair of dancing shoes and grinding up close to them... well, other than the obvious but we're not talking about that today.

I have been aware of the Burlesque circuit for a few years now - I have even tried it out a few times in the bedroom as a muck about with a long feather boa, but when you truly get into the intricacies of it, you start to learn that there's more to it than a few shrill shrieks and suspenders.

My client for today is Hugo. Hugo search through many of London's top escort agencies before he found me. He comes from Sloane Square and has a certain affinity with the late eightieth and ninetieth centuries and all the glamour that went on behind the scenes in pubs and bars Gentlemen only, you understand. We have seen the working girls sitting on the punters laps, entertaining them over a brandy; even a bit of it shown in 'Cabaret' and 'All that jazz'. If you think about it, there is a lot of burlesque in London if you look hard enough.

Burlesque literally means a parody or joke but it also means an extravaganza, as it was presented during Victorian times. Over in the USA, Burlesque became more risqué - no surprises there! The transition from burlesque on the old lines to striptease was gradual. At first soubrettes showed off their figures while singing and dancing; some were less active but compensated by appearing in elaborate stage costumes - so I wanted to show him how a pair of tights, a Basque and a high kick can really liven up a show.

So dressed to thrill with my brunette hair cascading down my back and a feathered fan for intimate flirting, I set my stage (a wide space and a bit of Marilyn Monroe on the stereo) and tickled his fancy. And the best bit is that curves in all the right places really help with titillation.  If you’ve always been curious about the art of Burlesque why not ask our escort agency receptionists about the possibility of one of our ladies doing a ‘show’ for you.

Agency Pink ladies have many talents – they have many well kept secrets and it could be you that can unlock them!  You will never get the same date twice. Our ladies are full of surprises that will spice up your life. After all they do say that ‘variety is the spice’. All you need to do is call us and we will do the rest...

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