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Pretty woman?



Sometimes, the element of surprise is sexy. Sometimes, the glaringly obvious is just as sexy, and this evening’s client has asked for just that.

Today’s date is with George, a 58-year-old actor from Park Lane. George is a majorly successful playwright turned actor. He is a multi-millionaire and spends money like it’s going out of fashion. We had enjoyed many impromptu dates where he had whisked me off to the South of France or Dublin for some significant shopping therapy when all we had arranged was to spend the day together, which I thought meant lunch and shopping in Selfridges. He is far from predictable, so I was shocked when he requested a self-explanatory date. 

George has asked me to dress as an “escort” for our dinner at the very expensive and classy Nobu. Not your typical discrete London escort; more obvious legs and cleavage and dramatic sultry make-up and big hair. Sex on legs,! He wants the cliché and people to look upon us as the attractive man and the trashy yet street intelligent scantily clad woman. He wants the outrageous flirting between us and fellow diners to witness the possible “Pretty Woman” scenario. George is not expecting coffee at the end of the meal but to make a big show of requesting the bill whilst I nuzzle his neck.

I have acted out this fantasy many times with various clients who like the idea of being dirty-minded with a dare-I-say-the-word prostitute-style date. Usually, these scenarios consist of me turning up at their luxurious pads to strip tease in the tiniest of outfits, long trashy wigs and skyscraper stilettos and then doing whatever they want with the greatest of ease. This evening with George gives him the added thrill of being in public with a “working girl”, and he has told me how much the idea of being looked upon as a dirty old man is very arousing for him. Fair enough.

So this morning, I will be mainly planning the perfect attire to look trashy chic in public and complete sex kitten in private. A trip to see my beauty therapist to apply a sexy diamante merkin is to coif my long brunette tresses into a frenzy. Then off to Broadwick Street’s Agent Provocateur because I have had my eye on their Flavia playsuit for some time, and possibly to Selfridges for new skin care products and perfume to smell and look divine.

So if you ever need your own ‘pretty woman’, just be sure to give us a call and let our girls be your fantasy…

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