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Pretty WomanÂ…

When I was growing up, I dreamed of dining in a posh restaurant in London, wearing a beautiful designer dress and being on the arm of a handsome man. He would wine and dine me and maybe bring me flowers and jewels. He would hand me a box with a Cartier tennis bracelet and we would laugh and look at each other in amazement. Sounds a bit Pretty Woman-esque but as a young lady in her late teens, this was my favourite film and shopping in Beverley Hills was most certainly one of my ambitions. 

Anyway, back to my fantasy. This gorgeous gentlemen would be wearing a Gucci watch, a Georgio Armani suit and Prada shoes (mixing designers much?) and have neat dark hair. He would smell lush and be very chivalrous. After our delicious meal, we would go to the theatre or maybe to a jazz bar to dance like people courting would have done back in the day and then we would walk along the Thames in the crisp London night and hold hands. 

Now, this sounds like real PG fun. Obviously if this was a job, there would be something else ending the night. There was... I will tell you.

Adnan is a 45 year old billionaire. He inherited, worked for and generally let the interest build up on his fortune and likes to spend time with his favourite International escort and spoil her rotten. He has taken me to Dubai, New York and Milan and promises many more trips abroad which I am obviously more than happy to accompany him on. He also has a good imagination and sparked the conversation of what I wanted from a man as I was growing up. So out came my fantasy of being wooed olden day stylee! So, we dressed up, we ate, we laughed, we strolled along the river...we ended up back at his Park Lane apartment. 

Oh, and along with the Cartier tennis bracelet was a first class ticket to LA. Beverley Hills baby!! What a good fake lover he is!

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