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Perfectly polished



Considerably, Agency escorts will try to dress attractively, and usually, they are immaculately groomed, too, from the top of their heads right down to their toes. And most ladies will always have painted long nails for a date unless they've been invited to something which requires more casual dress.


So, meeting with an Agency Pink lady almost guarantees you’ll meet someone with manicured nails. However, just to be sure, always request that your escort for the evening wear nail polish, and so far, requests like these have never been refused.



A client says:



“I've been meeting escorts in London for a few years now; it's a great way to spend an evening without all the hassle of having a relationship. These top women are so amenable; they treat you well, give you their full attention and always do everything in their power to ensure you finish the evening feeling satisfied with your date. They'll also go that extra mile to dress in a certain way for you if that's what you want, which suits me right down to the ground as I have a bit of a fetish about nail polish.”



So, whatever you’d like to see your companions wearing for your date, just let us know, and we can probably guarantee that you will have your perfect elite escort for the evening wearing precisely what you wish...



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