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Party ladies

In the escort world ‘escort terminology’ can be a little confusing sometimes. We like to help our new clients out by penning a comprehensive guide to all the acronyms and terms used to describe girls who escort on this site and others.

This week we are talking about Party girls many of which you can find on our Escort Agency website. It's a term which has a variety of understandings and there are a few different services a ‘party girl’ can offer you.

Some use the term to refer to a girl who is available for dates where she will be meeting with more than one man or woman. In this regard it is seen as a term escorts who might be interested in seeing a group of people and who are keen on experimenting with their sexuality. This isn’t mutually exclusive of duos or couples escorts and may in fact incorporate both, though it doesn’t imply an escort threesome.

An alternative (though again, not mutually exclusive) meaning of the term is in reference to girls who like to go out for the night and enjoy wild parties. These are the ladies who like to keep the night going to the early morning, and are the perfect date for guys and girls who love to go raving all night long, and enjoy themselves alongside a beautiful ladies. These are open-minded girls who just want to experience the high life and go hard until the break of dawn.

Either way these are wicked and wild ladies, who are guaranteed to be a whole heap of fun, and if you want to lose yourself for a few hours or maybe a few days these ladies are well worth your time. So if you’re looking for one of our fun ladies, just ask when you call the agency and we’ll let you know who would be best suited as a ‘party girl’.

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