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Paddington Girls



Paddington is one of the most misunderstood locations in London, with its innocent and historic persona. Paddington is one of the naughtiest spots in town!


We are privileged to tell you where all the best escorts are hidden. One of our clients had the pleasure of spending several hours the other night with one of the most beautiful escorts in Paddington; they had a late dinner and walked around the area, talking about life and putting the world to rights.



As they were walking and talking, she pointed out all the apartments that she knew where her escort friends lived and helpfully described them. She also told him how she could do a duo with these ladies and wondered if he’d be interested one day.



Happy with all the information our lady gave him, he smiled, thinking how nice it is that Paddington is full of so many intriguing escorts he has yet to meet. He was pleased that Paddington was very near his place of work, which is, of course, very convenient and easy for him to meet a variety of gorgeous ladies on his lunch break.



He was glad he had booked this lovely young lady, and although he wanted to sample other ladies very soon, he wouldn’t forget this one in a hurry. The gentleman smiled and thought, ‘I guess Paddington is much more interesting than most people think.’



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