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Our Famous Notting Hill Girls



With so many attractions in Notting Hill and nearby Bayswater, you will be spoilt for choice. And in the company of our famous Notting Hill girls, you are in for a treat. Furthermore, Notting Hill is an excellent place to date with one of our gorgeous females.

For example, Portobello Road Market at Portobello Road is the best venue for antiques and curiosities. And while you're there, why not try exotic food in Notting Hill? The area starts from Chepstow Villas and is big enough to accommodate 2000 stalls on a Saturday. The lively atmosphere and fantastic stalls make this a fun morning experience for you and your chosen companion. The cheerful consumerism and quirky brands are a theme that can be found at Notting Hill’s very own Museum of Brands. You can find 200 years of history of British consumer goods, from the earliest Victorian ear advertising to modern-day Space hoppers. The exhibits are insightful, kitsch and a little nostalgic, considering how evocative certain brands are to us or remind us of childhood. There is no doubt that more fads/brands will come and go in the coming decades.

Discover Notting Hill With Our Fabulous Females

Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the corner of Kensington Gardens, you will find this leafy and cosmopolitan area. Not to mention many of our famous Notting Hill girls. The location was probably made more famous by the film Notting Hill, which Julia Roberts starred in. It is also known as a fashionable and affluent postcode of London with many high-end boutiques and restaurants. Check out Clarendon Cross and Westbourne Grove for some of the finest. Clients who wish to book a Notting Hill escort will find many fine ladies residing in elegant Georgian-style white terrace houses here. In addition, as the area is near Bayswater and Queensway in W2, you are spoilt for choice with our local ladies.

Keeping with their high-class image, these escorts are always stylish, beautiful and intelligent. When it comes to entertaining their clients, our famous Notting Hill girls know all the best places to go. As a result, this makes their company highly sought after in London. Serving the affluent inhabitants of the area, Notting Hill restaurants are lovely and diverse in what they offer. Even if you’re at a loose end with no table reservations, there will always be delightful culinary experiences with your wonderful lady. Furthermore, the upmarket and unique amenities of this area make it the ideal place to book an overnight with your Agency, Pink Lady.


Where To Stay In Famous Notting Hill


The Portobello Hotel at 22 Stanley Gardens, W11, is a beautiful hotel with luxury and style. Often frequented by celebrities, the suites are romantic and have themes which transport you to another world. The tranquil Zen Garden is a suite you must try. For the best location in Notting Hill, close to Bayswater W2 and Queensway, try the Grand Royale London Hyde Park. It is a grand hotel that feels smart, discreet and modern.

Now that we have given you an insight into Notting Hill and the surrounding areas, why not book one of our fine ladies? Arrange an escort for an incall visit to their apartment, or you can have them come to see you at your chosen hotel. Whichever you choose, you will be sure to have a great time with one of our famous Notting Hill girls.


Famous notting hill escort girls

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