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Our escorts look fab in a bikini

As the autumn evenings draw in, there are still a lot of you out there that are looking forward to some warmer climate vacations. After working hard for the rest of the year, a holiday is the one time you get too truly un-wind and all thoughts of work are pushed firmly out of your head. And as our escort look fab in a bikini, why not make your next holiday plans with one of our beach babe travel companions? Whether you are heading off to the Middle East and Dubai or across the Atlantic to amazing destinations such as South Beach, Miami; there is one thing that you can’t be without this summer - an elite Agency Pink escort in her bikini.


Our international escorts have a taste for the finer things in life, one of them being luxurious holidays. We have often found ourselves in the position where you just want to get away but for one reason or another nobody else is available at the time you would like. Not to worry though, this is where we come in. For example, the majority of our Agency Pink girls are available to book as travel companions. What this service involves is the company of one of our beautiful girls for the duration of your vacation. Furthermore, they will partake in all activities that you have agreed to prior to the vacation. Such as sporting activities, spa breaks and of course the more intimate arrangements.

The Best Holiday Bikini Babes

Having seen some of our gorgeous escorts in the gallery in their swimwear we can assure you that our escorts look fab in a bikini. You will certainly be gobsmacked at how drop dead gorgeous they look in the flesh. Their tight, toned bodies, that soft tanned skin and so much sex appeal, why would you ever want to go away without them? We asked the girls what their favourite holiday destination is and their replies sent us opposite sides of the world.


For example, one of them without any hesitation stated that she was a huge lover of Egypt. In particular Sharm el Sheikh and the coast there for the amazing fish and sealife. Very modernised now, this area of Egypt is a hugely popular resort for the rich and famous. With luxurious hotels all around and the country being embodied with ancient history. It really is a great place to visit and understandable why our ladies love it so much. Some of our ladies on the other hand said that Las Vegas was their ideal destination. They claimed the constant buzz of the city to be what entices them and also said that they’d love to don a skimpy bikini and visit some of the most exclusive pool parties in the world. And knowing that our escorts look fab in a bikini, you know you'll have the sexiest lady at the pool on your arm. So there you have it, why not book a holiday of a lifetime with one of our girls and have your mind blown in ways you didn’t even know was possible.


Our escorts look fab in a bikini here at Agency Pink

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