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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time it was usual for an older member of the family (usually a male) to pay for his son or other relative to visit a selected lady so that the younger male relative was introduced to the world of female intimacy.

In proper circumstances, the older man would choose a lady who really knew what she was doing and that woman would give the man expert lessons in the art of love – lessons he could then take forward to his marriage.

Thanks to Agency Pink, we think there are many satisfied newly Wed ladies!!

There have been many women who might otherwise have gone to bed on their wedding night with a husband who had no idea of what he was doing. Now they get to go to their wedding bed with someone who has been taught the arts of seduction and can introduce them to the delights of the bedroom.

So does that still happen these days then? Well, it does happen from time to time. There are all kinds of men who recognise the importance of spending time with a woman and appreciating the lessons that can be passed on in this way.

Of course Agency Pink are primed to deal with nerves and we make sure that if it is the client’s ‘first time’ we tell the lady first. We will always choose a sympathetic lady who knows exactly how to put a nervous type at ease.

You will not be surprised to hear that many first time clients declare themself in love with our escorts. This is a common first time experience to – a man finds himself overwhelmed with emotion and finds himself with a London escort who has triggered that emotion.

Our clever Agency Pink ladies will let them down very gently and will explain that he was going to go on to love a lot of women and at some point, he would find his own true love – and that love would last happily ever after….


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