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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful woman moonlighting as an elite escort who lived in Mayfair. This woman grew up in a lovely home with her mother, father, four sisters and one brother and used to dream about the bright lights and buzzing streets of London. She used to let her mind take her to the best shops on Bond Street and even upon finishing her degree in Economics at City University, she did not let the dreams of dressing like the model she resembled go far from the truth...just not as designer as she hoped at the time.

One day this gorgeous brunette was eyeballing a pair of Jimmy's in a fabulous little boutique in Chelsea when a woman appeared as if out of no-where. She made small talk with the dreamy young woman and handed her a card with “Agency Pink" printed in gold leaf one side and the time, date and an address in Knightsbridge on the other. The young woman was curious and wanted to see what the glamorous stranger in the Louboutins and Gucci handbag had to say for herself. 

So, the next day, something told the young lady to dress in her only (at the time) Pucci (sale) dress and towering Manolo's (student loan) stilettos and take herself along to the address situated not too far away from London's shopping marvel Harrods and see her life change forever.

The glam woman told the young woman about how with her help she could afford all the Jimmy Choo's she wanted, travel the globe and meet some fantastic people along the way. All she had to do was...

So, the young woman pondered on how she had spent 3 years at uni studying something that could allow her to discuss many subjects and how her model physique may as well be adorned with jewels and silks and readily agreed to the mystery lady that she would be on trial for a month and subject to clients referrals, she would essentially be auditioning for a life changing career.

So, as I stretch on my chaise longue shipped in from Milan and type up my life story on my state of the art computer. I think back to that day in Knightsbridge and how many incredible people I have met and really think of how some of this will make for a very interesting film someday. Watch this space...

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