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My twin date – Part two…

As I sit here with my bags and purchases from yesterday still slung by the front door, I'm smiling to myself. Twins... I think I'm converted. Tom may be Jonathan's mirror-image but they couldn't be any less alike if they tried. Both men are fit and good looking but while "Tom" has gentlemanly manners and enough conversation to keep a right-wing politician debating for hours, Jonathan is more 'devil-may-care'. His eyes dart mischievously and his sensuous mouth twitches with permanent amusement.

Jonathan owns his own company "Fire & Ice" which trades in loose gemstones across the world. Considering he spends all day on the phone to Trans Hex's South African headquarters, he must have good interpersonal and business acumen. As he explained to me, Trans Hex is a world-class player in the exploration, mining and marketing of the highest quality diamonds. Being absolutely enchanted by anything sparkly, I hung onto his every word and then he asked me... "Do you want to come to my workshop to see what we do?"

Is the Pope Catholic?

We went over to Hatton Garden in EC1, not far from the Barbican and Islington station. My heart was fluttering about all over the place. I actually wanted to skip along although I maintained a certain sense of decorum. Jonathan was holding my hand and explaining about all the fine pieces he had seen in his career made for celebrities and royalty. As we weaved in an out of London shoppers and businessmen, I couldn't help scanning the crowds for A-listers. We finally reached the heavy oak door of number 101 "Fire & Ice" and he reached around me to unlock the shutters, his lips tickling my neck. The shutter lifted and we went inside, I was covered in goose-bumps.

After showing me round the workshop and allowing me the privilege of oohing and ahhing over beautiful specimens, Jonathan turned to me with the most serious expression I had yet to witness. "I'd like you to model some diamonds for me" he said softly. Now I was thinking perhaps a few rings, a necklace, maybe even a tiara, but no. Jonathan led me over to a sofa and got me to lay back while he went over to his safe and brought out a black case. "Diamonds are exquisite, aren't they?" he said removing a large blue diamond. "Take your top off." He placed the diamond in my belly button and then removed a clear pear-cut specimen, holding it to the light. "And your bra". By the time he had finished, he had adorned me with dazzling gemstones - emeralds, rubies and diamonds of all colours - like the trail of a priceless tattoo. I was speechless and his eyes were clouded in lust. As he whispered the three C's - colour, clarity and cut - I thought I was going to drown... I have been to Tiffany and Harrods for fine jewellery but nothing has or ever will compare to that.

So which Twin experience did I prefer? Well both men treated me like a princess / high class escort and both have impeccable manners. I can't say I'd like to compare "technique" because that would be cruel but someone should market these two as a product, and did I get a souvenir of my date with Jonathan a 1/2 carat platinum.

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