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My Greek wedding?

The GFE - Girlfriend Experience - is one of the many and most frequent role-plays I enjoy in my line of work. Whether we are staying in or going out in London my client always receives all the care he needs as my would-be boyfriend. Basically, I spoil him rotten.

So when I answered a call to a regular of mine - Georgio - and pencilled him in for Saturday, I was a little surprised at his request. "I don't want the typical GFE this time, babe," he muttered. "I need you to pretend to be my wife."

My eyebrows almost shot off my forehead, I raised them that far! I've pretended to be girlfriend, lover, consort and concubine, but never a wife. The nearest I got was the 1950’s housewife and even that was just to pick up an iron with curlers in my hair. "I'm going to need a bit more information..." I replied starting at the beginning."

Many of my clients are married. As an elite model escort is the utmost in discretion and sensitive to needs, I appreciate that sometimes a man needs "a little more from life..." Some have a girl in every city; some have a wife and a mistress (never the twain shall meet!)And others just want to have something to smile about on a Wednesday afternoon. Whatever the circumstance, I am a professional. 

I managed to glean quite a lot of information from Georgio before we settled on a time and venue. Basically, Georgio's relatives were coming over from Athens en masse for a cousin's wedding. If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you'll know how big these gatherings can be. Living in South Kensington when everyone else had set up home in Birmingham, meant he had escaped the family grape vine - and his bachelordom - till now. In desperation, he had invented a wife, family life and a work promotion to keep nosey aunts at bay. Unfortunately, he hadn't banked on his favourite cousin growing up and getting married when he would be expected to bring said "wife".

So we met up three hours before the rehearsal dinner on Saturday and invented our married life together. Despite needing a reason why we chose our nuptials abroad away from family eyes, I quite got into it. We even picked me out a wedding-ring set from Goldsmiths! And I have to say, we passed the test. Yes, we got berated left, right and centre but Georgio took most of the flack. I just helped serve the teas and coffees with a perma-smile.

The only thing that worries me now is how he's going to reply when they want pictures of his son and heirs....!

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