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Music to my ears



I am such a happy girl today - what an incredible 10 hours I have just had in St John’s Wood with Alfie. It didn't cost us anything to be together despite our initial arrangement to walk in St James's Park with the other revellers enjoying the rare sunshine. The idea of a walk in the park is music to my ears, and with the best company, it's always ten times better.


We were sitting on his balcony in the winter sun, sipping wine and listening to the radio before embarking across the city on our adventure. It was so warm in the sun, trapped with the outdoor heater on us, that one glass turned into two, and Alfie brought out his acoustic guitar.


Now, Alfie isn't stupid; he knows how much I enjoy listening to him sing, and I closed my eyes to let it wash over me. We met in 2018 when he was a singer in a struggling band. They played in virtually empty pubs and working men's clubs, losing all sense of hope. Then, a wealthy relative, appreciating Alfie's talent, paid for him to have professional tuition, and suddenly, he was auditioning for parts in West End musicals. Now, his portfolio includes some of London’s top theatres and parts in the longest-running shows. I'm so proud of him. Alfie sends me tickets to each new show; it's beautiful music to my ears, and I always go to cheer him on.


So that was what I was listening to this afternoon. He played me songs from the musical score, and suddenly, it wasn't necessary any more to be walking on semi-wet grass. We stayed out on the balcony until the sun went round the building, and it was too cloudy to be so intimate. Not a bad day for his favourite brunette escort, even if I do say so myself


I almost didn't want to return to my lonely little Mayfair apartment, but I wished Alfie good luck with his latest part and hoped I'd see him soon. At any rate, I'll see him on the stage sometime soon, I'm sure.

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