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Money Management



Someone once said money is the root of all evil. Well, that person didn't know how to manage their money correctly. I enjoy shopping through London's finest boutiques, like those hidden treasures in Chelsea and Mayfair. I do love a designer bag or pair of Jimmy's, and I have to frequent Selfridges from time to time. My apartment is furnished with bespoke contemporary pieces found in Fulham Road. But these things make me happy, and my money management is good, so I can.


I don't deny that I am well off and have nice things. I don't gamble, I have no secret vices apart from shopping, and I don't owe money. Money management is essential to me. I own my property and live well, and I am not ashamed to admit that I love my life. I know my work has a sell-by-date, and I can't continue this line of work forever. Therefore, I have shares, savings and I have my head screwed on right.


Independent Wealth


I'm also fortunate to be a top escort and that my clients are of a particular class. They are exceptionally well-off businessmen, celebrities and filthy wealthy heirs. However, this doesn't mean I sponge off them or demand anything. They are clients, and I am professional, not to mention independent of my finances. I only say this because I know the right people to ask for financial advice... and I feel that I go above and beyond my client's expectations. So, why not ask them for a titbit regarding the current economic climate if they specialise in such a field?


Money Talks


Today’s date with Clive is a "girlfriend experience" average. Conversation about the business could arise as we laze around in our smalls at his luxury Knightsbridge home. He has booked an overnighter as he has a few days off. Clive is an international merchant banker and owns three finance companies overseas. He's 37 and so attractive. Arrogant, of course, but did I mention he is beautiful?


He is a complete pushover when I have one of my long, toned model legs draped over him as I run my fingers through his chest hair. Furthermore, I do need some updated information on my stocks and shares. To make his unknowing confessions about investor relations worthwhile, I will treat him to a horny girlfriend treat.


Money talks, baby...

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