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Meeting up with model escorts in London

You've made your booking and now it's time to meet your chosen model escort, so let's look at the things you can do to help your date get off to the best start.

The number one thing to remember is that first impressions are important. They say that we judge a person within seven seconds of meeting them, so make those first seven seconds count! It's understandable that you're likely to be a little nervous or excited and unable to relax, especially if it's the first time you've met with an escort, or if you're meeting with a new escort. Of course, sometimes escorts will also feel nervous, particularly if this is one of their first engagements, or if they are one of our young escort girls. So you can see how creating a good first impression can go a long way to setting the scene for the date, and how being open and friendly will help both of you to relax so that you can go on to enjoy the rest of your date.

Firstly you should always be neat, groomed and clean. Try to shower as close to your meeting as possible. Of course, all our escort companions understand that sometimes this is not possible, so if you've had to travel half way across London on the tube and you haven't showered since you left for work this morning, please take a shower as soon as you can during the meeting.

Secondly, we all like open and friendly people so try to relax, ask a few questions and don't forget to smile. Although putting you at ease is part of the escort's job role, you can make the whole process much easier by being relaxed and friendly. Don't worry too much about being nervous - it's all part of the excitement, and who can blame you when you're about to meet up with a sexy escort, and anyway, the very best London escorts know exactly how to handle your nerves and help you relax. It's all part of the service.

Paying for your escort can often be seen as the most embarrassing part of the whole escort encounter. However you should also bear in mind, that while many escorts are not in the business of escorting purely for the money, the financial recompense is an important part of the whole meeting. All escorts, including high class escort girls, do expect to be paid the amount agreed prior to you making the booking.

Payment is actually easier and far more discreet than you might think. Simply put the correct amount of cash into a plain envelope. If your escort is making an outcall to your home or hotel room, place the envelope in a place where it's clearly visible. After welcoming her, introducing yourself and passing a few pleasant comments, indicate the position of the money. If you've chosen to meet your escort as an in-call, it's just a case of giving her the envelope as you arrive or putting it down so that she can easily see it.

Your escort may decide to open the envelope and count the money in front of you, especially if you are a new client. Don't be offended; there have been cases of clients attempting to rip off escorts, especially inexperienced, young escort girls, by not including the whole amount. Some will always count the money, so that you are both happy that the full amount has been paid. One bit of advice - always double check the money before you put it in the envelope and never try to cheat the girls - or you're unlikely to get a repeat date.

So don't be embarrassed, take this as an opportunity to make sure you're both happy that the payment is correct.

You may find that you're enjoying your meeting so much that you want to spend a little longer in your sexy escort's company. If she can fit you into her schedule, she'll probably be happy to continue the meeting. This is the case for both in-call escorts and outcall escorts. If you think this may happen, make sure that you take the appropriate amount of money to cover her extra time, and always offer her the money before you go to carry on where you left off.

The main thing to remember during any booking is to be upfront, honest and open - it will help you to build a great rapport with your companion and leave you to get on with the most important part of your meeting - having some sensual fun!

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