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Make it a group thing



You may want to order a few more ladies for a group party that you are organising, and of course, that can be catered for, too. You can choose what you'd like. Maybe you would want both your chosen lovelies to do an exotic dance for you or your friends, but you won’t be able to keep your eyes off these ladies doing an incredibly sexy dance. Imagine your colleague's faces as all these beauties turn up for your ‘get together’. You will earn a lot of respect and will all be talking about your party for a long time to come. You may not want to share with your friends, and these girls can do a show just for you and you alone.

We have a few flirtatious ladies who 'specialise' and love working with each other as they are used to one another’s needs and desires. You can book more than one girl at a time at Agency Pink. ‘twice the fun is better than one’.  Your liaisons will be memorising and breath-taking and worth telling your friends about. Having a sense of humour is sometimes needed in these situations, and our girls have all the qualities to give you a fun and exciting life.  Why not treat yourself to this indulgent luxury that will make you feel on top of the world?  

We have executive escorts who enjoy these bookings and will aim to please all your guests; all our ladies are delightful, polite and very generous in their natures. Our ladies love gentlemen like yourselves and treat them with the utmost respect, which, in turn, they will repay your kindness.  You could have two lovely ladies sat next to you in one of London’s swankiest restaurants.  Why not treat yourself to this indulgent luxury that will make you feel like a VIP?  

You can book our beautiful ladies for an hour at a time, or if you know how long you would like the ladies to stay for, you can relax and understand that our ladies will wait for that duration.  Please trust that Agency Pink has your best intentions at all times. Please note that all transactions should be done first when your chosen lovely arrives at your hotel, which makes our ladies feel relaxed knowing that she is taken care of and when our lady feels at ease, your evening will be an enjoyable one indeed.  Now we have tempted you to give us a call…

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