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Make it a date to remember

If you book one of our model escorts for longer then you won’t be conscious of the clock ticking away furiously and signalling the loss of all those precious minutes that you have together. You’ll also be able to relax a little (actually, a lot) more. Not only that but sometimes it takes a little while for clients to warm up and get into the vibe. Personally most of our ladies enjoy a longer appointment as they can really let themselves go and concentrate totally on the evening – or afternoon – ahead.

Obviously as an escort then the longer your appointment is the better it all is for the lady in a financial sense. However, it’s also better for you as a client. Why?

After a couple hours together the conversation starts to get more intimate as you both unwind a bit more in each other’s company. Also, who wants to rush a dinner date? In that direction does indigestion lie! And anyway, the rate at which you get served in some of London’s more popular restaurants these days you are probably looking at a good couple of hours anyway. And imagine having to rush away after all that lovely intimate wining and dining. Cinderella thought she had it bad? Try being an elite escort who has only been booked for a two-hour slot!

Our ladies do like clients to feel relaxed and unfazed and that just isn’t going to happen during a one-hour appointment. The idea is for you to leave our lady's apartment feeling chilled and blissful, not running downstairs with your shirt half on.

Not that our girls would kick out a client after one hour when he or she is still lying half-dressed of course. But, would both end up feeling a tad awkward knowing we were ‘out of time’ as it were. You would feel guilty and our girls would probably be conscious that they had another client to meet up with later that night and needed time to prepare for him or her.

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