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London is the greatest City



By most measures, London is the most fantastic city in Europe. It is, after all, the most populous city in Europe. Moreover, the greater London area has an estimated population of around 14 million. Add to that London's 43 universities, and you have the largest concentration of higher education anywhere in Europe. Therefore, it’s easy to see why it’s the world's most-visited city. And with the world's most extensive city airport system, measured by passenger traffic, getting here is easy. Quite simply, London makes Paris, Berlin, and Rome look distinctly second-rate.

Now, whilst some Europeans might well disagree with this, they will begrudgingly have to accept that London is Europe’s most global city. As such, it deserves to be known as the ‘the world in one city’. However, there is a dichotomy at work here, especially from a European perspective. Indeed, while most Europeans appreciate the fact that London’s arts, education, entertainment, finance, tourism and transport are amongst the very best in the world, they cannot understand why Londoners themselves do not make more use of them. And do you know what? They have a point.


Making the most of this great city

It is fair to say that Londoners, like most other people in the UK, really do live just for the weekend. London is the most fantastic city; however, not everyone takes advantage of this. Unlike our counterparts on the Continent, we generally prefer to lie low during the week and go out in style at the weekend. This is at complete odds with our European cousins. For example, they instead spend many of their weekday evenings enjoying a meal out with the good company of others. Therefore, it could be argued that the Brits should learn from adopting similar behaviours, especially as London is the most fantastic city for places and things to do.


Indeed, breaking up the working week with a few more nights out could help even out the work-life balance. However, whilst you may well find the idea of ‘going Continental’ very appealing, you may find it something of a challenge to convince others to join you. Fortunately, we here at Agency Pink can significantly assist in this respect. London is the most fantastic city to get out and enjoy after a hard day at the office. Therefore, our stunning elite escorts are on hand every day of the week to accompany you after the working hours have ended.


London has the finest females

So, what can you expect from your date with a weekday escort? Well, she’s going to be incredibly beautiful. London is the most fantastic city, after all, so it makes sense that we have the finest females here, too. Making it to a top agency like ours is complex, and you must be the best to succeed. For example, one of our most popular young ladies, Francescas, is proof of that. Busty, brunette and beautiful, she loves entertaining her clients any night of the week. She adores dressing up in different outfits for a fun night out. Whether you’d like her to dress up in a sexy little dress or a slinky negligee, she’ll jump at the chance. If you book Francesca, you can certainly look forward to a truly unforgettable evening. 


London is the greatest city with the finest escorts


Thanks to our escort superstar lifestyle, these elite ladies love to party and will happily accompany you to any club, restaurant or bar in London. If you’re not sure where to head, then let us fill you in on the hottest destinations. Can you imagine a better way of spending a day than with our escorts? We can’t either. So, without hesitation, we'll get straight into the list with some of London's best restaurants for your convenience.


Agency Pink can help you choose the best restaurants and help make the selection process a little bit simpler. If you give us a brief insight into your favourite cuisine, we can suggest some of the finest restaurants in London. Therefore, if you want that first date to go well, it has been well-researched. 


Discover the best places to eat in London


Top of the list is one of London's most famous - Galvin at Windows. Overlooking Hyde Park, this prestigious restaurant has been wowing people with its superb views of Hyde Park and the London skyline for over a decade. And is continuing to impress our escorts. In the company of a top companion, you can enjoy Michelin-star cuisine and a cocktail whilst watching the sunset across the capital.


Each encounter with our call-gas girls is a special occasion you won’t forget for a long time. Therefore, why not try Aqua Sh, which sits atop the UK's tallest building? Never has London looked so amazing. Dining on the 31st floor of the Shard with your beautiful escort is a must. Serving a menu mainly made up of contemporary British classics. Enjoy some of the finest dishes anywhere in London. With excellent views in every direction, you can dine the night away with your beautiful companion.


OXO tower, which is the most famous restaurant in the South Bank area. It has a modern British menu, being focused but not dedicated to serving fresh local seafood. Enjoy some of nature’s most famous aphrodisiacs with our ladies whilst marvelling over superb views of St. Paul's Cathedral and the South Bank.


We would especially like to draw your attention to Le Gavroche—the first restaurant in Britain to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars. Situated on Upper Brook Street, Le Gavroche boasts superb French cuisine and standards of excellence that other restaurants can only aspire to. After all, how many stars and celebrities over five decades can be wrong? One of the most successful ways to impress your elite escort is to take her for a 5-star lunch. 


Make it a date with a top London lady


Being such a diverse and multi-cultural city, London showcases a spectacular range of eateries. From traditional British fare to pan Asian. The choice will ensure there is always something new to try when you book again for another date. Why not ask your stunning companion what she prefers? Try somewhere she recommends and where she has never been before. Then, match up your experiences and arrange to go somewhere you are both eager to try. 


Any escort will be delighted that you put in the effort to make your time together memorable. When you have both had a few glasses to loosen the mood, why not round off the evening back at your hotel, where you can talk some more? Agency Pink Girls is also available for international bookings. So, you can always head back to hers if that’s more convenient. Whatever your requirements, we are here to make that process smooth and enjoyable.


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