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We have this excellent client, and he loves to do ‘fun’ things; whenever he’s in town, we love to keep our diary free for him because, just like him, we secretly like what he likes.  We suggested last time that it would be fun to visit the famous Trocadero.  Being such a big kid at heart, we were surprised to learn that he had never seen the centre.  When we described the Trocadero, his eyes lit up with delight. Last time, he went to Chessington World of Adventures and the other time, he did a ‘paintball’ day out.

Most escorts like fun, so don’t hesitate to suggest a fun day out with one of our ladies.

So a date was booked for Saturday, starting at 10 am. The client comes to London once every few months, nothing regular and nothing unusual.  When Saturday came, our escort met him at his 5-star hotel in the West End.  He had his usual attire on – he does love bright things, but it certainly ties in very well with his personality!!

Our client loved our choice of the Trocadero. There is a cinema inside so after he’d been on a few rides and explored the centre, he went to catch a movie, and of course, he had to buy popcorn too!!

He got a little hungry after all that fun and excitement, so he and his London escort for the evening went off to a burger place and chatted happily about the great time they just had.  Afterwards, they headed to his 5-star hotel, where things got slightly more serious.  The next time he is in town, we’ll have to think of something exciting to do, but no doubt he will enjoy every second!!

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