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Ladies that lunch

This afternoon one of our ladies will be enjoying Lunch at the Ritz with one of our favourite clients; a French businessman who delights in all the finest things in life. He has requested the pleasure of a demure, sweet lady, for some company over tea and sandwiches and then back to his luxury suite in London.

Our client is a very well to do man who expects class and expensive taste. He is on business for 4 days in London and we have enjoyed a few dates precious to today’s encounter. He always books mid-afternoon, which is his “me-time” as many of his conferences are in the evening and they really are all business so our escorts cannot join him and impress and wow his colleagues. He is a very private man and feels perhaps with a close knit set of co-workers they would know he is hiring his date; albeit a very beautiful and professional one.

Our London escorts always enjoy playing the sweet lunch partner who bats her eyelids and nods agreeably while her client sets the world to rights.

He enjoys the attention and no element of a power struggle because he is the man and she is the perfect woman. The only advice we offer is that the places in London that he may want to entertain. We advise only the best of course because if his associates are impressed by our recommendations, it may result in repeat business for us!   

Our client is the perfect gentleman and even back at his hotel suite, he treats his chosen companion like a real lady and in turn he is treated like a man. It is all very “Gone with the Wind” romantic.

We think he enjoys the comfort and closeness of a more loving relationship for those few hours. We have a lot of clients like this who ask specifically for the girlfriend experience and just a few hours of feeling like they are in a relationship. We guess it’s what all busy professionals need to give them some “me time”.


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