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Know your limits

There's only so much one can take of seeing celebrities in the paper stumbling out of clubs and bars in the wee hours of the morning looking worse for wear. Frequenting the exclusive establishments myself, I see them first hand looking terrible. 9 times out of 10 it's not the paparazzi catching the shot at the right time of the star blinking, it really is that they look half cut. How they must feel that millions of people have seen their underwear and make-up dribbling down their cheeks is beyond me. I myself make a massive point of looking and feeling immaculate at all times and always think it's good to know your limits, especially when out with clients. 

Don't get me wrong, as a top escort in London I like to go to the ever increasingly popular haunts in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. I have a glass of champagne or two but I know what my limits are. Also, I eat very well before I touch a drop of alcohol. It will simply not do to feel lightheaded at the mere sniff of an alchopop and I will not tolerate a hangover so what's the point? I have a vibrant enough personality to cope in any social situation without the aid of any form of supposed stimulant.

My client for the evening Michael is a finance investor and has many properties ranging from a cottage in Surrey to a very prestigious apartment block in New York. He is very cocky and self-assured but he is also very generous and likes to wine and dine me, buy me gifts and ply me with champagne. It is never really right to turn down a client's offering and Michael definitely doesn't take no for an answer. Therefore, I have to be careful when I know we are going somewhere with a bar... which is near enough everywhere! 

We recently went to a Casino in Chelsea and I had to literally let the fizz touch my lips and look as though I was drinking after he poured me a third glass. I managed to get away with it as he was gambling with some of his buddies. However, having perused most drinking holes in the City, I know the barman well enough to wink and they know to give me something non-alcoholic. I can't be slurring or looking anything less than perfect for my clients. When you know your limits the night always goes a lot better. 

Plus, I want to give the knicker-flashing a miss until I am alone with my man... unless he likes the public display of course!!

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