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Know the boundaries

A majority of the time client’s just ‘get it’ and know pretty much how the ‘escort scene’ works and what it entails.  Unfortunately, there are also a few clients that like to push the boundaries and seem to think that ‘it’s ok for them’ as they are ‘nice guys’  but actually they are not being ‘nice’ at all and want to test our Agency Pink ladies patience.

Our ladies have a lot of respect for you gentlemen and in turn you should have the utmost respect for our girls.

Firstly we’d like to reiterate some rules so you can realise why we insist. We don’t want to find out your identity and broadcast it to the world, we just want to figure out if you are genuine so our London escorts don’t waste their valuable time.

Don’t book an Incall escort and ‘forget’ to tell us you have a friend with you wanting to both see the same escort for the same price.  Firstly we don’t care how nice you seem to think you are, it’s not safe for one lady to receive more than one client. If you want to bring a friend along let the agency know and we can find another lady for him.

Another trick is to book an Incall model escort and negotiate the price when you arrive. Our ladies do not appreciate a ‘haggle’ she has her price and expects you to adhere to it. It also it very embarrassing when you want to knock of £50, our ladies are people and not shop bought items!!

When you call the agency we don’t take kindly to ‘withheld’ numbers, we will need to call you and text addresses if needed to you. We don’t store your number and we certainly won’t ever call you back if you have clearly stated you don’t want us to.  Mobiles are very ‘high tech’ nowadays and information can be deleted, you can even block and unblock numbers when needed.

Hotel bookings are no different, we always verify the room number and name with the hotel before sending a girl. So please give your correct family name as we can’t send a lady to you. Escorts don’t want the embarrassment of giving reception the wrong name as it really does give the game away. Being discrete is what we are all about.

If our ladies walk into a room and there are more than one man and the agency was under the promise that there was only one, then our lady wil refuse to enter the room  They will not enter the room if she feels unsafe. If a client speaks with an aggressive or a demoralising tone – again they will leave.

We hope that we have made ourselves clear!!


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