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It takes all sorts

Why do women choose to work with London escort agencies? It’s a good question and one for which there are many answers. Some women want to travel the world and meet interesting individuals who’ll wine and dine them in places they could never afford to go to on their own. In fact, this is the main reason women join the profession we’ve found, on doing some discrete investigations.

For some ladies becoming a top London escort was a little more mundane though: They had huge debts and no way of ever being able to repay them on their normal job salaries such as a PA or Air Hostess. The girls did earn a reasonable wage but bought a gorgeous apartment in London where the mortgage cost seven times their salary. They soon found themselves up to their necks in debt with no way out it seemed.

Other girls join up for the excitement of meeting a variety of different dates and socialising with people from sections of society they would never bump into otherwise – such as captains of industry, millionaires and even pop stars.

Some of the girls have told us they have been recommended to reputable London escort agencies like ours and they tell us that after a few fun and fascinating evenings out they became hooked!

They spend a wonderful evening dining, clubbing and chatting with interesting clients and their friends but not only that, there was financial compensation too! These ladies couldn’t believe it because it didn’t feel as if they were working: Just having as great a time as the clients. Not only that, but what they received for one evening was the same they’d get in a week in their normal jobs. After a few months working as part-time escorts it was clear their lives was heading in a different direction career-wise and needless to say our ladies gave notice to their day jobs without any qualms. 

So, how are they doing financially after abandoning the idea of receiving a regular monthly salary? Well, would it surprise you to learn that they no longer have any debts and that their monthly mortgage repayments aren’t the huge dread they used to be? Yes, they are still in their gorgeous central London apartments – and they’ve even been able to afford to furnish it now!

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