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It’s always good to have a back-up story

Dating escorts poses the possibility of bumping into someone you know and here it’s better to be prepared to introduce an escort to a boss or business partner, family or acquaintances.  A date with an escort is normally considered to be a rather private and personal affair between the client and the girl herself.

So what should you remember if you wanted to be as discrete as possible or if somebody see’s you together? Here are a few pointers:

First of all, you should express to Agency Pink right away that you do require a lady who will be your companion at a social gathering, who you expect to represent you in the best possible light, so that we can narrow our candidate search down to those who would be ideal for such an event. An escort who does not speak very good English might still be perfect for a 1-hour rendezvous, but she would not necessarily be best suited to attend an office party or business meeting with a new customer.

Secondly, you need to work out a credible back-story beforehand for how you two know each other, and this story needs to take into account the lady’s actual educational background and areas of personal knowledge. If you are attending a pharmaceuticals conference and intend on introducing your companion as a chemist designing hair-loss drugs, this might lead to some embarrassment if you meet another such chemist, who is interested in discussing the finer points of male pattern baldness and how to stop it. However, if your muse is introduced as a marketing executive in another field, then probably she could be seen as someone who does not need know such thorough knowledge of the process of creating new medicines, and this explanation would have a much better chance of being believable. So a back-story needs to be plausible and yet also relevant to the social situation, to avoid any difficult moments, while still allowing your companion to come across as charming and great to be around.

Thirdly, you need to articulate this back-story to your muse in advance, so that she knows how you met, what your imaginary relationship should be, as well as what her own imaginary background is, so that she knows how to present herself in a credible and authoritative manner, which will impress your boss or business partner and might just help with that promotion or big sale, since people want to buy from people they look up to, and having one of our Latin lovelies on your arm is a sure-fire way to impress others, and boost your social standing.

Lastly, you need to deal with the thoughts and actions of your co-workers, boss or business partners after the date. Are they likely to be jealous of your ability to have such a beautiful Latin-looking lady on your arm at such short notice? Or if your back story which you presented at the meeting does not involve you two being an item, what if they ask you for the girl’s number? While we would have no objection to you recommending Agency Pink to your acquaintances, we don’t want you landing in hot water, even allowing for the fact that meeting an escort is no longer the social taboo it once was.

If you manage to keep in mind these points and navigate around the potential pitfalls, you too can take advantage of an Agency Pink girl to advance your career or win that business deal.

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