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It's a small world

After a few years in the business working as a top London escort and more than a few dates, you can imagine this city gets smaller and smaller as the months go by.

I start my day either at home
 or at a luxury hotel somewhere in the City and, as a top model escort who is very much in demand, I could be in a whole manner of places come nightfall. No two weeks are ever the same and more often than not, no two clients. However, that is not to say that I haven't been in my fair share of awkward situations. 

Let me set the scene for you. I was at The Ritz, having 
cocktails and intimate chat with a new client. We were getting along like a house on fire when suddenly, from across the lobby, I heard my name being called. Now, without giving too much away, I have a few aliases. They are often variations on my real name or middle name; each with different spellings and never the same surname. This is not to keep myself incognito but to ensuremaximum discretion for the client and non-traceability. 

So my head has remained in the same position and my smile hasn't faltered and my client hasn't noticed a change in my body language, but my ears have tuned into the name that has been repeated. Obviously, there is more than one woman in the world with this Christian name so I haven't gone into paroxysms of horror but I can hear the name repeated again and we have both looked over to the caller. And there he is - an ex-client (one who had to stop calling me as his wife had discovered his mobile phone bill) absolutely intoxicated to the hilt, staggering over in my direction.

"Does he mean you?" my client has asked me and I have remained totally impassive and said "I have no idea who that man is!" Ex-client has laid a heavy hand on my shoulder and said in my face, "I thought it was you! How are you? Going through a nasty divorce now...Silly old bat is even taking the dog!"

My lovely client has got to his feet and spluttered, "Now look here -!" And I have gently removed his sweaty paw from my person and said politely, "I think you've got me mixed up with someone else..." Ex-client has at that point blinked at both of us, mumbled a feverish apology and staggered back from whence he came with his tail between his legs. And I have smoothed back my hair, re-crossed my legs and said sweetly, "Now, you were saying...?"

You never can be too careful in my line of work. We have all heard the horror-story of 
my sister’s fiancé (who she is still marrying and whom I'm still working on to oust from my family tree) but thankfully that hasn't come out... yet. So over-laps can occur and egos have been bruised but I try to leave it at the door when I say goodnight.

It doesn't do to dwell.

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