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Is it looks for you, or personality?



For most men, the answer is stupidly obvious. With most women, including our duo escorts, being chosen via their galleries, it would seem obvious that looks are the more important feature. On the pages of many a decent London escort service, you’ll find that a lot rely heavily on imagery, like our website, where you’ll see images of each escort dressed to impress next to descriptions of their preferences, personality traits and areas they cover. It doesn’t take a fool to conclude that looks are super important when selecting for a meeting. For some clients, it can even come down to hair colour with a phone call requesting a natural redhead or a bleach bottle blonde.

It’s a question that creates many a debate. It’s often enough to get even the most sedate men jumping to their feet in protest. It’s also a question that seems forever unanswered, but here at Agency Pink escorts, we think we might have cracked it. Are looks more important than personality for our high-class escorts?

There are others, however, that argue although looks might first get our sexy, mature escorts the date, they rely heavily on their personalities to keep them returning. Here at Agency Pink Escorts, we have to agree. Stunning looks are something that even the most profound person desires in a partner, but looks will only go so far. If you find their personality to be about as exciting as a storage cupboard, sadly, then you won’t see them exactly stimulating. Some clients want a woman with spunk, with something special irrelevant to her looks. Escorts are becoming increasingly popular for men in the London area, especially for corporate events; hence, an escort's ability to adapt and shine, as well as hold quite literate conversations, is essential. This is an example where looks alone might leave an escort struggling to keep a client happy.

Here at Agency Pink, however, we believe that a mixture of both is truly the key. The phrase ‘having your cake and eating it too’ springs to mind, but we think it’s vitally important to have an escort who stimulates you both mentally and physically. A lot of our female escorts in London are educated women with the bonus of youth on their side. Being beautiful for our ladies is a breeze. As with many things, it boils down to a client’s taste and preference for personality, brains or both. What we find they do all look for, however, are our escorts in London. As most would agree, a quality woman will provide a quality service, and that’s precisely what we offer here at Agency Pink.

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