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Into darknessÂ…

Tonight I am working by candlelight and the last few battery reserves of my laptop before I'm thrust into darkness. My whole apartment building has had a power cut and by the looks of things, most of my road is out too. 

I was laying in the bath, surrounded by jasmine scented candles and listening to a little Sinatra through my wall speakers, when suddenly the music stopped. Thinking my iPod has run out of battery, I laid in the silence for a while (the light wasn't on in the bathroom anyway so I hadn't twigged at this point) splashing my feet about in the bubbles, when I suddenly thought that the view out my bathroom window looked a little darker than usual and then it occurred to me that there weren't any street lights. 

Well, padding through a dark flat is very eerie when you're not doing it out of choice and you're kind of at a loss when you realise not only do none of your lights work, but also there's no TV, no music and HORROR no hair dryer. Thankfully, I didn't have a date this evening or I would have had to put my brunette tresses into some kind of crazy up-do and hope that doing my make-up by the light of my phone would suffice! As I had to do neither of those things, I slipped into my satin pyjamas and thought I would hop onto the laptop to see who was about online for me to chat to. I could have phoned my brother in St John’s Wood or one of my sisters elsewhere in London, but I figured that if my phone went dead, then I wouldn't have been able to plug it in to charge it.

So here I am, tip-tapping away in the darkness, simultaneously surfing the web at my favourite stores and having an MSN chat with one of my French clients who wouldn't mind his favourite model escort joining him in Cannes later this month for a little end of season soiree. Happy days!

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