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If you can’t say anything nice…

Do our escorts care about the kind of feedback we receive online and offline? You bet they do. Although, having said that they don’t actually have any control over the words others write about them, of course. 

Some clients can give an escort a negative review; not because they haven’t had a good time but maybe because they didn’t get the girl that evening they were hoping to meet up with. Again, this is extremely unfair and off-putting for other potential clients when really; it’s only one bad-tempered individual’s opinion!

Another aspect of these reviews is – as London escorts – do they ever get to review their clients in return? Well, the answer to that is ‘no.’ this makes it all very one-sided in our mind.

We think the best type of review you can receive from a client is their truthful opinion at the end of the evening. And, of course, often you don’t even have to prompt them for that opinion; because you can simply see in their face and manner of being that they’ve had a wonderful time and can’t wait for next month when they’ll be back in town again.

We are very lucky at Agency Pink as we get a lot of positive reviews from very happy customers.  Our ladies get a lot of pleasure from seeing their clients enjoy himself. Maybe it’s a power thing – maybe it’s all related to self-esteem but there’s nothing nicer than being able to give pleasure we think. It’s like a gift in a way for example some people are great writers and can bring comfort to millions through their words; others are fantastic painters and again, can bring pleasure to those who gaze upon their works. Our ladies have the power to make a stressed individual feel that he can once again conquer the world. Now that’s certainly something to write home about don’t you think?

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