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I aim to tease

My gorgeous Central London apartment boasts a rather nice balcony which is a fantastic sun trap for when the spring and summer months if we are lucky enough for the sun to emerge. Chances are a fine thing for having an afternoon off when the sun is shining but Andy cancelled on me due to a work emergency so I decided to take advantage of some time on my own and bask in the summer heat. 

I didn't realise that the apartments above me were having a refurbishment and work men were out in force. So, there I am with my teeny bikini barely covering my bits and pieces lounging on my sun bed and there are about 30 builders suddenly all working on this one little bit of roof about 20 feet away. Being the voyeuristic, elite London escort that I am I did decide to get them far more hot under the belt than the 25 degree heat was going to. Sometimes it helps to practice some moves on someone along the line to make sure I am more than ready for my rich clients so I went into my boudoir (walking...okay strutting, very slowly) just to make them miss me a bit. 

I reappeared in very black sunnies so I could keep an eye on my prey but they couldn't see my eye line, my hair tousled casually on the top of my head and the tiniest swim wear anyone could legally get away with in public. Of course, I brought out my sun cream and oil to lavishly spread on my toned body; no one wants to get burnt now do they?

So, there I am laying with my back arched and my chest out as I attempt to rub where I can just about reach on my back and shoulders and as I catch one younger looking builder staring I give him a wry smile. He smiles back and I pull my glasses down ever so slightly and wink at him. Poor guy shuffles off holding his helmet in front of his, ahem, and I watch him make his excuses to have a comfort break. Next, I stretch my long legs out and carefully rub in the lotion paying particular attention to my thighs and roll on my side to get my bum and backs of my legs. Of course this has a few more men literally sweating and the next thing I hear is the foreman shouting for lunch. 

What? I can't help if his workers have a terrible attention span now can I?

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