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The art of being a fabulous Agency, Pink Lady, is not to believe you are providing a service but to think that you and your client are in it together. All the scandal and hype surrounding my chosen line of work about selling yourself and manipulating men is a complete load of bleep. I'll be your boss, but I will also let you take the lead too. The men (and occasionally women) I have the pleasure of meeting are always looked upon as equals of someone unique and someone new to learn about. 

Take Reg, for example. He is 61, very handsome and filthy rich. His sons and daughter now run his media company after their mother ran away years before their father started coughing money. Therefore, they believe even at his more mature age, he cannot find some genuine companionship. So, Reg has decided to seek my services because if a woman uses him for his billions, he might as well spend them without her asking. I need to restore Reg's faith in women so he's not ruined and will believe he can find someone.

Reg lives alone in a way too modest a mansion in Ka Kensington. He travels in his chauffeur-driven Merc or by private jet and eats only in the finest establishments. This is all fine, but to want humility is to practice humility. 

I will give Reg a taste of normality according to 70% of the population. We are going shopping in a regular mall, eating in a traditional restaurant which is part of a chain, and he will be driving his car. Then, we will wear our new purchases to a West End show, sitting amongst everyone else. After that, we finish our night in a very nice but not overly expensive room in a Mayfair hotel. 

I can't speak on behalf of all London agency escorts, but if I want to do my job, I want to do it properly. I'll be your boos, but sometimes it is fun to play the princess role or whatever the client wants. However, it is also great to take charge of what women don't want to be paid to be bossy.

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