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Hot and Steamy

What gets you hot under the collar? What would make you pull your tie away from your throat for a moment and take leave of your senses? We bet we can guess...

It is June again and that can only mean one thing - hem lines are getting shorter, necklines are getting lower and more flesh is on show in London for the men to dribble over. Yes gentlemen, prepare yourselves for three months of hedonism - we suggest you buy some sunglasses so you don't get caught staring.

In our galleries we have plenty of beautiful women who are perfect for spending long, summer evenings with. And that includes the warmer climes of foreign destinations that are enjoyed by our international escorts if you cannot get the image of a tall, Agency Pink model in a bikini out of your mind, then we suggest that you do something about it! 

We could nominate any of our Agency Pink ladies as the perfect summer companion but we do not have the room to list them all here. Each girl has an individual biography that will tell you a little about her likes, dislikes and where she is based. If you want an in-depth character reference, then call us to ask.

For the moment, let us suggest the delicious Francesca. As featured as our lady of the week Francesca is 22 years old and of Italian nationality. She's one of our South Kensington escorts and chosen by her clients for her gorgeous curves and big personality. She enjoys dressing up for her favourite men and will keep you entertained with her quick wit. If you like brunette escorts with delectable proportions, then Francesca is definitely your lady.

So whatever gets you hot under the collar we certainly have an array of sumptuous elite ladies that will tempt any of you so give us a call and you will be one very happy man.

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