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Well, a working holiday, but a holiday nonetheless!!

I spent most of last night packing for fun and frolics in the snow. Thermals for the slopes and teeny tiny wisps of silk and lace for the cabin with the roaring fire. Lush.

Claude has arranged the whole trip. Car to pick me up from my apartment, private plane to Switzerland and luxury all the way thereafter. So, regardless of my ‘friends with benefits’ deal with a gorgeous muscular man, I know I have to sing for my supper and make it worth his while.

Claude may be a PE teacher now, but he inherited a lot of money from a relative and definitely makes good use of his fortune. Considering he has a lot of time off in the year, he does like to travel and put his adrenaline junkie alter-ego to good use. He’s introduced me to sky diving and scuba diving in the most exotic of locations. I’ve introduced him to my extreme sport of shopping and battling the crowds on many occasions … oh, and we have also come up with some sporting events of our own!

So here I am, suitcase wide open on the bed, half a dozen jumpers, jeans and Long-Johns either inside or inches from it; my makeup, Gucci sunglasses; factor 30; thermal gloves and woolly hat nestled side-by side like some kind of contradiction. Thankfully, I will be hiring my skis and boots because I’m damned if I can carry anything else after this little lot – muscular date or no muscular date!

I spoke to Claude at 7am when he phoned to wake me up and remind me not to forget my passport. Considering I was fretting about how many pairs of matching knickers and bras I could fit in among my cashmere and angora, my passport was the least of my worries. To be fair to Claude, I told him I had it safely ensconced with my traveller’s cheques in my hand luggage and then jumped out of bed to retrieve it from my bedside table – I would have remembered it…!

So as I gather up all my belongings to fit into this ginormous suitcase-on-wheels, I may need a second muscular man to sit on it while I zip it closed. I’d better sign off now – speak to you tomorrow from the slopes!

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