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Holidaying with an Agency Pink

Going on holiday together with your chosen escort can be a major stepping stone in the right direction. It can also be one of the most stressful times if you don’t get it right...

Make sure your first escorted holiday isn’t too long. An entire fortnight might be too much time for the first holiday. Instead, opt for a long weekend. You’ll both escape the demands of mundane life, while not dragging the prolonged booking out long enough to lead to discomfort. Keep reading for a few more helpful tips for surviving your first holiday together.

Decide what you’ll do and sort out the finances for what right up front. It’s a major holiday hurdle and if you deal with it from the beginning with the escort agency, it moves awkwardness out of the way and paves the road for a smooth trip. While you’re having upfront conversations, talk about the hotel and flight arrangements in advance. What may seem crystal clear to one of you may be an unpleasant surprise to the other. Set the boundaries – or knock them all down – in plain language that makes both of your positions plain.

It’s also a smart move to schedule a solo activity or two depending on the length of your holiday. A few private moments to collect your thoughts or sneak in a quick email check gives you a breather and an opportunity to let temporary absence make the heart grow fonder. You’ll also be able to handle work emergencies without disrupting your time together.

Whatever you do while on holiday, make sure you have fun! You and she are escaping the demands of work and everyday life for a reason. While you don’t want to pack your holiday calendar with structured events, you do want to make sure to participate in fun events, experience the local nightlife, spend long mornings sleeping in, and include relaxing, romantic dinners for two.


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