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Well what a bizarre week it has been in the news; all sorts of goings on have hit the headlines this week but one in particular grabbed my attention as I am sure it did with you too. The particular story in question is the leaking of some very explicit images of a range of famous faces and celebrities; now I don’t condone this for one second, as it is a massive invasion of privacy. However on this occasion I was happy to turn a blind eye in order to feast my eyes on these raunchy images. Some of the images in question even had me wincing for the girl in questions dignity; I was gobsmacked by what I was seeing.

It has always been a bit of a fantasy idea that these A-List celebrities have this smutty nature as well; and from these pictures it is definitely clear to see that they enjoy indulging in some unadulterated fun as much as we all do. Some of the famous faces included include Kate Upton, Avril Lavigne, Kaley Cuoco, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice; but all of these girls can count themselves lucky compared to Jennifer Lawrence; the portfolio of pictures leaked from her iCloud account is nothing short of mind blowing. A quick search on google and you will find them easily. However if pictures aren’t good enough then we have something that will definitely tickle your fancy; how about an experience with your very own Jennifer Lawrence. 

One of our elite model London escorts does not stopped getting compared to Jennifer Lawrence; so here is your chance to meet the sexy Angel and have an experience like no other. Very experienced, Angel is one of our best girls, always going the extra mile to ensure your happiness. What more could you possibly want? You’ll easily find yourself thinking that you are having your way with an A-List celebrity with Angel; plus with Angel, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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