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Going, Going, GoneÂ…

Wow, I'm tired. I've been pricing up my items for the auction all night. Now, you may think this is easy, but let me tell you; it's really not. 

Deciding what is going to be sold has been difficult. Imagine if you will, going back to your 10 year old self and having to choose your favourite toys and being told that the others are going to go to charity. Yes the principle behind the motion is all for the great and good but it is still hard and the attachments to the items run deep. Now imagine please that you are my ahem year old self and knowing how much I love my overflowing wardrobe you can think of how hard it will be to part with my fabulous possessions. 

Looking back on my ever expanding collection of fabrics, gems and jewels I realise this is a pretty great reflection of how successful I have been as a high class escort. Of course my very busy year planner and my gorgeous Mayfair apartment have been the biggest tell-tale signs of my fortunes over the years but my Prada, Gucci and Dior (amongst many others) bags, shoes and garments are all in some way part of my elite escort journey. 

Scouring London's finest shopping establishments on my own and with clients has not only been great fun, but enlightening. Now, Jimmy and Colin from Fulham may live in the same postal area and go to the same bars and restaurants but they couldn't be any more different. Using these fine gentlemen as examples of night and day in my planner, reflect the difference of night and day in my wardrobe. I remember vividly as I price up my black Gucci dress that Colin bought me in a fabulous Chelsea boutique, that I accompanied him to a formal function dressed in that and a killer pair of Louboutins. We danced the night away and though my dress seemed demure on the outside, I was going commando and Colin could not conceal his excitement so we consummated our night together in a cloak room. Now, Jimmy on the other hand took me to the same boutique and chose me a very revealing Dior shift but did not want any public display of affection in the more casual surroundings of a new Club opening in Kensington. He was very specific on his look for me; tousled sexy hair, very tiny dress and smokey eyes, but then he didn't want me to attract any more attention to myself or flirt with him all night. He wanted the thrill of the chase and for us to control ourselves until we got back to the privacy of his swanky hotel suite.

All of my items are personal to me and remind me of something, but I know I have to be ruthless with my choices. Just because I got my first pair of Manolo's in New York does not mean I have to keep them...does it?! Somebody prise the gorgeous gold strappys out of my hands...

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