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Booking escort is one of the most common choices for people who need to interact with the opposite sex these days. However, some people believe that they can get the same or similar satiation by making an appointment at a massage parlour. This is not the case, not by a long shot. We mean the ones that you're more than likely thinking about. Those dingy looking places that pop up here and there in London. Sometimes just a door with red neon lights saying "massage" in an uncleaned window. You know the sort we mean.

What you need to know

If it's genuine human interaction you're after, you should know that you're just going to waste your money if you think that you'll be satiated by a massage parlour girl. Let's be honest, the vast majority of these places have  girls who don't speak a word of English. So, just how much interaction are you hoping to get there? If you can't even speak to the girl in question, you're getting nothing more than a massage (and probably not a great one) with a happy ending. 

An elite London escort experience

Let's start by saying that we're not talking about sexual services here, "happy endings," or anything like that for that matter. We're talking about satiating your desire for human interaction. You see, even if you're only booking an hour at one of our escort’s apartment, what you get is a genuinely interested woman. You're not getting a woman who feels obliged to do anything in particular to get you out of the door. She's there to be your companion for an hour, or however long you've booked.

There's a lot more to meeting up with a beautiful, intelligent woman and you should try your best to make the most of your meeting. 

Are you a London escort looking for further representation?

If you're an escort model already (or even if you're considering it) we would be very interested in hearing from you. We are always looking for the "real deal," as we mentioned earlier. We want those girls who have a genuine interest in being a companion. We have a large list of loyal clients who all enjoy spending time with the models we represent and we'd like to maintain our excellent reputation of representing the best in the business. Please feel free to apply through our recruitment page.

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