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Geisha and escort



The geisha’s distinctive look of traditional kimono and white painted face is an icon of Japan and Japanese culture. Visitors to the country are intrigued that even today, one can see geishas hurrying down the street on the way to meet clients for the evening.


See them in the flesh for the first time, their graceful manner and incredible dress. This got us thinking: how much do they have in common with today's London escorts? So, we researched the matter and presented the evidence below.



Geishas are not escorts, and they should not be confused with ‘geisha girls’ either, which was the name given to ladies of the night who entertained US servicemen in the aftermath of World War 2.



Geishas are skilled and educated entertainers who perform dances, pour tea, recite poetry and provide companionship to Japanese men. Entering the profession at an early age, they are highly trained artists who are not allowed to marry and must dedicate their lives to their art. Gentlemen are delighted to experience time with these intelligent, skilled and charming women who attend to their every need and engage them in stimulating conversation. Although the word ‘geisha’ is directly translated as ‘entertainer’ in English, the role itself seems to be more that of a ‘hostess’.



So, while we find it sad that modern life is making us feel less connected, we also think there is much to be said about using the right kind of paid personal companionship services.



Such arrangements can make you feel happy and more connected and increase your vigour for life. So don’t despair if you can’t find the right people with whom to enjoy your life. At Agency Pink, we always seek to help our clients with their companionship needs.



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