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Garden parties galore!

One of my favourite times of year is when the temperature rises a few degrees, people say “ooh, spring is here”, and suddenly it's garden parties galore. I have been invited to 3 barbecues and 2 garden parties today. I received the invitations via the wonder of cyber space as clearly the event organiser had seen the glorious weather forecast for the next week. 


Funnily enough, Edward, or Teddy as he is affectionately known as by his peers, had already invited me to a spring garden party at his friend’s gorgeous mansion in Hampstead, North London. I adore Hampstead, with its fabulous houses and luxurious apartments. I have to say I have frequented the area many times due to my rather wealthy clients owning several apartment blocks there.


Teddy is a ‘new boy’ in terms of living in the fast lane. At the tender age of 29 (a mere child in the technology marketing world), he has certainly earned his right to be there. After graduating, he discovered a very useful product and before you can say “Dragon’s den”, he had 5 billionaires biting his hand off to partner him in his exciting venture. As to not be mistaken for a naïve and relatively non experienced member of this elite club of gentlemen. Teddy looked upon my Agency Pink to prove he has the wit, knowledge and an elite escort model on his arm to keep up with the old boys.

Of course I don’t mind either. Ted is gorgeous, great company and fantastically charming. He also has taken me to many garden parties galore.  I've also been on ground breaking business trips with him, so I think we both get an amazing sense of satisfaction of a job/point well done/proven!


Strangely, Teddy and I have a great natural chemistry. And while I am paid for accompanying him to functions and the like, it does flow generally in the direction of a late night coffee. Whether it be a mid-afternoon date or evening. One thing I, as an elite model escort, have learned in my time is that if you have to have fabulous chemistry with the client. You will almost smell the pheromones as they radiate from theirs and your every pore.


So, after choosing a brilliant patterned crepe dress and a new pair of stunning high-heeled sandals, I was good to go for garden parties galore. I knew that tousled hair and smudged make-up could be the only way to go. Especially if we stumble across the green house for a late afternoon encounter among the Chelsea garden show prize winning peony’s and my usual immaculate appearance be ruffled.


When nature calls…

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