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Fun loving ladies

Working as elite escorts in London means that the girls are lucky enough to get the kind of experiences you just can’t get from an ordinary 9-5 job. They love every second of it, and are more than happy to talk about it with people who are curious – They never reveal too much though. Good escorts never kiss and tell! When they tell people that they work as an escort, one of the first questions they ask is how they got started in the industry. After answering that question quite a few times, one lady thought she’d pen a little blog sharing how and why she became one of the best London escorts here at Agency Pink

First things first, she always loved spending time with men. She is a confident, naturally flirtatious girl, and she just clicks with guys. Even before she started to work as an escort, she used to love going on dates with different men, finding out all about them and what made them tick. You could say that she is a pretty understanding, open-minded girl, and men say that they find it easy to communicate with me. So when one of her friends, who was already working as an escort, encouraged her to give it a go, she was really keen. She enquired at Agency Pink, and the rest is history! Now she’s one of our most popular models.

When it was suggested by her friend that she should become an escort, she was working as a highly successful fashion model. She loved jetting off around the world to be photographed for campaigns and magazines or take part in fashion shows. The clothes were a bonus too – she got to wear things that really showed off her figure to its fullest potential. She still works as a model now, but working as an escort too means that she still gets to get out there, have fun and meet new people whenever she likes. Being a model escort means that she always looks good for her clients as well, which is something that she takes a lot of pride in. What girl doesn’t like playing dress up? For her, slipping on something sexy and seeing her date’s face light up when they meet is one of the best feelings in the world.


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