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Fun and Frolics

Do you ever find that sometimes one just isn’t enough? Here at Agency Pink, we have a few ‘specialised’ naughty ladies that can give a great ‘duo’ show, and we guarantee that after you've experienced double the fun, you'll wonder why you have only seen one lady before. In these cold winter months, two girls will definitely warm you up. You may be a ‘Stagg’ on his last weekend of freedom and want a no strings attached bit of fun and seduction, or you may have a few friends with you on your weekend break and want some sexy ladies to come over to your hotel and start some serious fun.  Our classy ladies are guaranteed to brighten up your weekend and we're sure you will always remember this experience for a very long time to come...

We have girls all over London, so be mindful that where ever your hotel is, our ladies are just a stone’s throw away. You will never been waiting more than 45 minutes for one of our girls to come to visit you. You will be able to ask our team of friendly receptionists if you have any particular requirements whether you would like a ‘fantasy evening’ which our girls really enjoy putting their ‘actress skills’ into play.  Our lovely ladies can dress for the occasion, you may want for this particular evening a ‘naughty nurse’ or a ‘sexy maid’, we like to fulfil you’re every need.  Just give us a call and we can recommend a naughty lady that’s perfect for you…

Imagine your wildest rendezvous with a difference. A knock at your hotel door, you open it, and there is one of the most beautiful ladies you have seen, and she is there just for you. She could be Sultry Spanish Lady, an English Rose or a Busty Brazilian escort. Whoever comes to visit you, you will be sure she will be exquisite, and you will be thinking ‘why haven’t I done this before?’ Your whole evening will be exactly how you’ve planned it, no complicated relationships just an easy pleasurable experience with no strings.

You don’t need to worry here at Agency Pink as we care about all our customer’s satisfaction and always aim to give the best service there is.We also care about our girls.  If they are happy then so are our customers. We would never force a lady to be in a situation that she didn’t feel comfortable in, so we only send the ladies that are equipped to deal with your particular requirements and fantasies.  We want you to be a frequent visitor to Agency Pink so we are dedicated in getting the ‘first time’ just right.

You may have had other experiences somewhere else and you may have had an escorts visit once or twice and have never felt completely satisfied. You are probably mulling over this website and wondering ‘why is this high class escort agency in London any different’? The reason is, we care about providing the best possible service available, and all the girls you see listed are extremely professional, courteous and understand your needs.Please don’t be afraid to tell us what you desire, we will bend over backwards to find your perfect match for the occasion.We would never want your experience with one of our ladies to be an unpleasant, or an unfulfilled one, we want you to use us again and again.

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