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Friends with benefits

Whilst joining a few clubs or sports teams in most places will normally be enough for you to make new acquaintances and be invited out for a few drinks; it is rarely the case in the capital. This is because life moves at breakneck speed in London and therefore people are invariably too busy to add even more friends to their super-complicated lives. So, whilst your new pals at football or badminton may be friendly enough to talk to; don’t expect them to ask you out for a Friday or Saturday night on the tiles anytime soon.

If you are a young professional who has recently moved to London to further your career then you may well be finding the city to be a little overwhelming. Indeed, the sheer size and pace of London can take a while to get used to, especially if you are not used to city life at all.  Of course, the easiest way to adapt to any new place is to make a few new friends and use them to help you get adjusted. However, whilst this can quickly pay dividends in most other towns and cities across the UK, it can be somewhat different in London. 

Unfortunately, the same prospects also apply a lot of the time to dating too. Whilst the number of single girls in London is statistically very favourable to a single man; the number of available single girls is unfortunately far lower. This is because many girls are in London for the same reason you are – to further their career – consequently, they simply do not have the time to be complicating their lives with romantic liaisons and distracting relationships. However, before you concede defeat and head to Victoria train station with a one-way ticket home; you should take a moment to consider things a little more carefully. 

There is always a ‘settling in’ period whenever you move to somewhere new and whilst London may be less forgiving than most other places; your rewards will come if you give it time. Certainly, once your face becomes a little more familiar at work, in your building and around your neighbourhood; you will eventually form friendships that will lead on to the creation of social networks. 

One great benefit of being a single man alone in a city like London is that you can take advantage of the services that companies like us here at the Agency Pink are able to offer. Our beautiful, intelligent escort models will be more than happy to keep you company whenever you’re feeling a little bit lonely and will soon help you to banish any thoughts you may have about leaving town

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