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Friends with benefits

Meeting the men (and occasionally women) that I do in my line of London escort work, you may think why are they still single or why do they feel the need to seek out and use my services. I’ve learned a lot about the differences in the sexes and also what works for one person certainly doesn’t work for another. We all like to have friends with benefits but we have to have the right kind of benefits for it to work.

Being in London is fantastic for meeting people and trying new things. London is a busy and exciting city and if you know where to go, you’re laughing. It may be a great little fashion boutique in Chelsea, a hidden bistro in Baker Street or an underground club in Kensington. If you find it you want to share it with someone and sometimes not just platonically.

Sometimes the clients I entertain are just far too busy to have time for a proper relationship so find that certain something they are looking for in me. Their model escort from London's best escort agency is a very good alternative to a peed off girlfriend they keep leaving behind. Occasionally you may find that you show certain clients that they are looking for something real. However, more often than not, I get my regulars due to the fact that I am giving them exactly what they need with the cliché of no strings attached. Even clients who have been married before know what they can and can’t give. Therefore, it means seeing their favourite London escort every so often or whisking her away on their business trips. Friends with benefits are far less complicated than having to create time to get to know any potential real partners. 

John was one of my first regular clients and we have formed quite a working relationship which benefits us both. He takes me abroad and wines and dines me whenever he can. As a result, I get to see the world with someone interesting and I know I have a constant client. We have always been open and honest with each other. He has really shown me why a 40 something, good looking, successful man can really not do with the stresses and strains of entertaining someone new. Especially someone who has great expectations. He knows he’s at the point of his life that he craves the beauty and the excitement but not on a regular basis. 

The only thing I can provide John as a constant is great “sexpectations” and that’s why he always comes back for more.

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