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Friday Feeling



Friday again - so soon! And what a week this has been, be it drizzle or shine. I keep putting my Burberry raincoat away and pulling it out again when I want to wear something summery for more than 24 hours straight. I have that Friday feeling, but the weather isn't on my side, so this time, I think I'll stay in.

I got in from dinner late last night and was chauffeur-driven back to Mayfair. Clive had had too much to drink and had to get one of his (sober) friends to drive us back to London. His driver, Marco, chatted amiably with me as we travelled down the M4 and asked me about my plans for the weekend. I explained that I was visiting family in Swiss Cottage (my brother, his family, my sister and her boyfriend for a birthday barbecue - joy!). Therefore, I wasn't working, and to be honest, that Friday feeling was starting to fizzle out quickly.

My sister says she has some news to tell me; I'm praying to God she doesn't say she's pregnant, as I couldn't bear the thought of her procreating with an ex-client of mine. With any luck, they'll be travelling somewhere far away, and I can avoid them still further.

My lazy weekend starts now. I have had such a busy week that I want to collapse with my new book., It's a download on my Kindle, but immersing myself in a few hundred pages of chick-lit sounds like heaven. I've purchased 50 shades of grey that simply EVERYONE has already read. I've only managed the first five chapters and can't imagine what is happening. Hopefully, by Sunday, I'll have finished it, and then I can join in the discussions among my fellow escorts in London who read it years ago. 

It makes me wonder whether I have ever had a client or boyfriend who makes me feel the same way Mr Grey does to Anastasia. She describes tingling electric currents and unbridled desire. There have been several enigmatic figures in my past and several who have set my underwear alight with a look. However, I couldn't single anyone in particular. Maybe one day, when I least expect it, someone like that will whisk me away somewhere, and I will drown in erotic bliss. 


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