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French fancies

I love France. I've been there over a dozen times with clients, friends and family. From the chic and cosmopolitan Paris rural Normandy and Luxurious Cannes there is something in that country to suit everyone. More than anything I love the cuisine and the wine and French fancies. Sometimes a British pie and mash can't beat fine cheeses, crusty bread and garlic.

My favourite central London cafe, Patisserie Valerie, has been calling to me all week; begging for me to take a slice of something indulgent home to share. Patisserie Valerie was originally conceived in Frith Street Soho in 1926 by Madam Valerie. She came to London on a mission to introduce fine Continental Patisserie to the English. It was an instant success. The unique-café atmosphere specialises in hand-made cakes and patisserie, continental breakfasts, lunches, the finest teas and coffees. I've visited each one with a different gentleman friend and they all have different French fancies that they like.

I have an afternoon tea date with Michel at 15.30pm. He was born and raised in Grenoble but has been living in St John’s Wood with his brother Jacques since 2008. Their consultancy business takes them all over the UK but neither of them is married or in a relationship. Although I've never had the pleasure of Jacques Company, I know he treats my model escort colleague Adele to five-star luxury every now and again. As you may have guessed, I have a certain penchant pour les hommes francais.

Of course, it isn't just the cuisine that calls me back to France. There's French champagne, French kissing, French Letters and oooh la la! French fancies galoor and of course French maids...

But back to this afternoon - Michel and I have booked a little table in the corner to sample the latest delicacies in the cafe. I fancy finger sandwiches with brie and salmon, something very gooey that just calls to be licked slowly from our fingers and a small bag of creamy pastries to finish in bed at his flat (providing Jacques isn't home, of course!)

I've deliberately missed lunch for this and my stomach is rumbling now…

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