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First impressions really do count



When we ask our clients what first impressions do when meeting with our London escorts, the vast majority mention her smile. As we all know, first impressions are crucial; we need seconds to make that all-important impression. And this is sometimes before we even get the chance to speak. With such a small window of opportunity to make a favourable impression, a friendly, warm and open smile can go a long way. It also creates the right atmosphere and an excellent basis to begin any relationship.

As expected of professional escorts, all our London ladies know the importance of first impressions. This is why they are always immaculately groomed and very well presented. They will always take the time and make a special effort to ensure they're appropriately dressed for whatever you have planned for the evening. These girls spare no detail regarding personal grooming, as they know first impressions do count. Their hair will be perfect, their make-up well applied, and their manicure will be fresh. However, all of this means nothing if they don't have the right attitude to go with it. No matter how good they look, if an escort approaches you with the wrong body language, they'll automatically create a bad first impression.

First impressions are crucial to us

The best escorts are well aware that first impressions do count; therefore, they not only take the time to look good, but they always ensure that your first meeting will be one that will automatically put you at ease. After all, open and friendly body language goes a long way to helping you feel relaxed. And a beaming smile is a surefire way to elicit a smile in response. Let's be honest; meeting an elite London escort for the first time can be daunting. You don't know quite what to expect. Even if you've seen their photographs and read about their services, nothing can quite prepare you for meeting her in the flesh. For example, seeing someone up close and personal, hearing them speak, seeing their expressions, how they hold their body, and how they smell. All these things bring the image from the photograph to life.

If you meet someone who looks bored or displeased to see you, you're unlikely to feel comfortable and relaxed. However, if you're greeted by someone who smiles and seems genuinely pleased to meet you, then your date is much more likely to get off to a great start. So remember, when you're meeting with one of our Agency Pink ladies, don't forget to smile too!

Count on us to help you get off to a great start

So, you've made your escort booking, and now it's time to meet your chosen model escort. Let's look at what you can do to help your date get off to the best start...

Understandably, you will likely be a little nervous when meeting an escort. Or maybe excited and unable to relax, especially if it's the first time with a new escort. Of course, sometimes escorts will also feel nervous, mainly if this is one of their first engagements. Therefore, you can see how creating a good first impression can go a long way. For example, it helps to set the scene for the whole date. And being open and friendly will undoubtedly benefit both of you to enjoy your date together.

How to set a good impression

Firstly, you should always be neat, groomed and clean. Try to shower as close to your meeting as possible. Of course, all of our escort companions understand that sometimes this is not possible. However, if you've had to travel halfway across London on the tube and you haven't showered since you left for work this morning, please take a shower when you arrive at your booking. So that you know, all of the girls available for incall appointments have showers and fresh towels available for their clients to use. First impressions count, and showing up clean and groomed is a good start.

Secondly, we all like open and friendly people so try to relax. Ask a few questions to break the ice, and don't forget to smile. Although putting you at ease is part of the escort's job, you can make the whole process much easier by being relaxed and friendly. Don't worry too much about being nervous; after all, it's all part of the excitement. Furthermore, who can blame you when you're about to meet up with a sexy escort? Anyway, the very best London escorts know exactly how to handle your nerves and help you relax. It's all part of the service.

Get the payment sorted first

Paying for your escort can often be seen as the most embarrassing part of the encounter. However, you should also bear in mind that the financial recompense is an integral part of the whole meeting. All escorts, including high-class escort girls, do expect to be paid the amount agreed before you make the booking. 

The payment part is more accessible and far more discreet than you think. Put the correct amount of cash into an envelope. After welcoming her, introducing yourself and passing a few pleasant comments, you can present her with the money. If you've chosen to meet an escort for an in-call visit, it's just a case of giving her the envelope as you arrive. Give her time to check the amount is correct, and then that's the payment process over and done with.

Don't be offended if your escort checks the amount; there have been cases of clients attempting to rip off escorts in the past by not including the total amount. It's also better for her to count the money so you are both happy that the total has been paid. One bit of advice - always double-check the money before you put it in the envelope. After all, first impressions do count and messing up the payment is not a good start.

Be prepared for a good time

You may find that you're enjoying your meeting so much that you want to spend a little longer in your escort's company. If she can fit you into her schedule, she'll be happy to extend her time with you. Therefore, if you think this might happen, take the appropriate amount to cover her extra time. In addition to this, remember always to offer her the money before you carry on with your time.

The main thing to remember during any booking is to be upfront, honest and open. It will help you to build a great rapport with your companion and leave you to get on with the most essential part of your meeting - having some sensual fun!


First impressions really do count when seeing escorts


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