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Fantasy Figures..

So much hype around the 50 Shades trilogy... and like a sheep I followed the crowd with aplomb. Now I'm left to wonder who will play the roles of Grey and Ana in the much-hyped movie. Ryan Gosling is tipped to play Grey but I don't think he's handsome or brooding enough. Personally, if I was casting, Henry Cavill could do it. And I, obviously, would play Ana - with my penchant for anything kinky and my brunette locks.

I don't think sleeping with a millionaire with "issues" is too far from the minds of many bored housewives. Oh, that's another role play scenario... the bored MILF being entertained by the ripped handyman. Now, all the handymen I know look more like Ricky Gervais than Ryan Reynolds, but we can overlook that for now.

So, why do we find fantasy figures so fascinating? My clients love me to dress up in as many outfits as their imaginations will allow. I have been a serving wench in an old-style pub; a naughty waitress in a 5 start celebrity restaurant; a 1950’s housewife in Kensington, an upper-class member of the mile-high club (that one wasn't too hard to act out!). I've even sported a range of different accents in our trips abroad – French Italian, Russian and Swiss (which was quite hard but did involve a rather fetching blonde wig with pigtails a la Heidi). I figure, that if someone is paying for me to accompany them, then they get to make the rules up. And if they want something a little bit different, then it is up to me to make it authentic.

So now I'm looking for a leading man to act out my deepest fantasies. I quite like the idea of the Dom-Sub role play but with me being the Sub rather than the Mistress. Geoff who calls me for erotic humiliation would rather I spank him than the other way around - but I wonder how he'd cope with a riding crop and a blindfold? Much as he adores cleaning my toilet with a toothbrush and having my spiky heeled boots walked up and down his back, would he come into his own in a Red Room of Pain? If the worm turned, would I be as thrilled as my creative mind wants? 

Maybe I should give him a call?

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