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Fantasies My Way

I have many clients whom love different things. They get to act out with me their deepest and sometimes darkest fantasies. I have played schoolgirl, dominatrix, farm-girl and movie star to name but a few and I have mainly acted out these fantasies with male clients who like to add a third party in, being a female... but then again, sometimes they like to bring in another male. 

I'm fair game, not a lot shocks me and I am most certainly up for anything so when my gentleman client asked me to accompany him to a very grand media event in a very posh Mayfair hotel and then spend the evening with him and a friend in his suite I was happy to oblige.

Hank is possibly one of the most heterosexual men I have ever met. Australian, tanned, muscular and funny, he has resided in London for over 15 years and has a spectacular house in Kensington which boasts many awards and recognitions in his field. Being a media mogul and an all-round ladies-man, Hank has always told me he is never short of female attention; he just never gets the right female to play in his sordid games. I remember one of our first dates, he took me shopping for a feline inspired naughty outfit which he told me would go with our fiery and feisty lion-like afternoon. That was a very adventurous and energetic day! We also enjoyed a little afternoon inspired by a video filled with women we had watched together, and one or two of my escort friends had come to join in. 

So, imagine my shock when Hank told me he wants me to meet Charlie, his colleague whom he wants me to flirt shamelessly in front of him and wear a very provocative outfit to lure this other media mastermind back to Hank's suite where he will take great delight in watching the two of us together. So, I will be cracking out my long, satin black deep plunging v neck dress with the slit up the side. The mesh panelling that looks like it is attempting to make this super sexy creation more demure just accentuates the curve of my bosom, and draws a man’s attention to the area, because he just can't damn well help but look there! My hair will be coiffed into a side fishtail plait and my make-up dewy and soft. You can't ever say I don't know how to work it. 

We have many escorts at Agency Pink that like their role plays very serious and like nothing better than to act out your fantasies.  It could be that their deep hidden acting skills are just wanting to come out or that they just love these particular ‘situations’ and love to be in a ‘fantasy’ world just like you.  So give us a call and see which lady will be acting out your fantasy tonight?

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