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Experimenting with clothes…

It takes all sorts to make a world and the same is true for escorting. For instance, I have close escort friends in other cities and countries who are a bit what you would call ‘out there.’

One, for instance, loves putting on a show of pole dancing in a tight red leather cat suit for friends. Another goes to almost the opposite extreme and dresses as a Victorian maid. She wears a little frilled white cap and a long black dress with heavy petticoat. Nothing erotic there you would think, but she’s never short of clients. I’m not sure what she wears lingerie-wise right enough but it’s definitely not Victorian bloomers!

I like to dress up for my clients but not in a fancy dress type fashion. I’d rather adorn myself in silky soft lingerie. On top one of my favourite outfits is a pair of four inch heeled long redskin boots and a thigh skimming sexy skirt suit. I combine it with little black lacy top. The look is sophisticated but sexy and goes down a storm with special clients.

Another favourite look – this time for very glamorous occasions such as a ball or a corporate client’s charity event – I have a sleek white floor-length gown with large gold rings holding the top and bottom together. It looks amazing and always results in lots of compliments coming my way. And a girl can never get enough compliments I find.

One of my favourite dressers of all time just has to be Marilyn Monroe – that little white dress she wears in the iconic poster of her standing on a sidewalk and a gust of wind blowing up it. She looks amazing in tight black velvet dresses with a string of white pearls too. That voluptuous figure of hers was definitely something to admire. I’m a bit curvy myself like Marilyn and which is far better than those waifs types you get on the catwalk nowadays.

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